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As you are aware, pharmaceutical manufacturers sell their prescription medicines at higher and lower prices in different European markets. With the expansion of the European Union, Eurodrug can now source these brands from lower-priced markets and offer them to you at a significant saving.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers encourage the belief that parallel traded goods are of lesser quality. The reality is quite different, in fact the products are identical. The only modifications are, they may be packaged in a different box, described in a different European language or sold in varying pack sizes.

In accordance with the licensing requirements of the Irish Medicines Board, Eurodrug professionally re-packets or re-labels it's products, ensuring the highest standards are delivered to you the pharmacist and patient alike.

We have received positive response to our packaging and our clients are very happy with the professional service and direct savings. Any questions by the patient can be easily addressed using our answer sheet and once explained all concerns are negated. 


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